Architects Eric Goldemberg and Veronica Zalcberg of MONAD Studio, well known for their cutting-edge architecture, are now working on art installations and product design.
This spring, at the 3D Print Design Show in New York (16 to 17 of April), at the Jacob Javits Center, they’ll be unveiling their latest work: the 2-string Piezoelectric Violin. The duo collaborated with musician Scott F. Hall in designing the radical instrument which has the functionality and ergonomics of the classic violin but has a distinct character thanks to the materials used and the methods by which it was created.

“Our desire to create unusual instruments emerged when we realised the aesthetic and technical issues we were facing as architects did not differ much from those of musicians and composers,” Goldemberg said. He and Zalcberg were interested to explore a “new conception for violin core functionality”, and the instrument – which will be exhibited alongside other curious sonic specimens including their take on the cello, a ‘hornucopia’,and Hall’s ‘monobaribasitar’ – is the result of “intense research on design and computation, leading to direct engagement with musicians, luthiers, composers and interactive artists of different kinds”.

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