(Noun. A book of or for sketches).

Whether you’re an aspiring artist, a seasoned professional, or just someone who loves to doodle, a sketchbook is a vital tool in your creative arsenal.
And unlike a canvas or a piece of paper, a sketchbook is never intimidating or overwhelming. It’s your own personal space to play, create, and dream.

Gathering Ideas and Inspiration: During my creative process, i often start with the research phase. The process in itself requires a lot of time and attention i have to invest, so in order to be more efficient for my further projects, i sometimes collect design details and ideas and in my sketchbook, so that next time i need it, i often check my sketchbook, rather than my books and other rich sources of inspiration. Therefore, my sketchbook becomes a synthesis of the materials covered over time, during the research process.

Overall, a sketchbook is a versatile tool that fosters creativity, growth, and self-expression. It’s a personal space where i can explore, experiment, and unleash my imagination to its fullest potential.

For the next #MySketchbookStories series, I’ll take you through the wonderful world of Hand Drawing, Engrossing, Ornamental Lettering and Design inspired by the Victorian and Gilded Age era, and last but not least, the rare fonts and characters that I have found in my endless research sessions, in the superb books of Martin Gerlach, Patrick William Costello, Ben & Ed C. Hunt, Charles Rollinson, John Mauritz Berling, Charles Paxton Zaner and many others.

All the sketches are drawn by me, exclusively by hand, with pen and ink on paper, during my last years of study and research related to the various commissioned works I had to draw.


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