Hmm, I suppose you’ve been there at least once… I’m talkin’bout that “sad” moment when you, the photography addict, lost touch with the passion…how come? well, it’s that day when you said to yourself: man, I gotta take out my dslr! (or whatever you’re using in your photographic adventure). So you got out, and nothing came in the way of your photographic eye.

Hmm, again. Look, that’s not tragic, you didn’t loose it, in fact…it’s just a moment, a tricky one. So I called a couple of friends and ask them: what are you doing in such a situation? I gathered some answers…Some of them are waiting ’til the Thing comes back, others just impose a task on themselves and try to keep it going – the “365 days” kinda’ projects. I did it somehow…well, my way…

You know that tiny little “compacts” which you usualy despise? Those “toys” that you’d never consider using? After all, you’ve invested lots of cash into your mighty dslr system, didn’t you? Eventualy the ideea hit me when a friend brought with him his compact, at the office and said: “hey, that’s one interesting toy!” I know that he is an addict, a bit of a techno geek, so i said to myself: “well, he is up to something, let’s do a bit of search!”

So I borrowed my friend’s compact and looked at it from a different angle: it’s limiting, it’s small, the high ISO performance is poor etc… SO? That’s the ideea! Try to produce some beautiful images with this modest tool…and you now why? It’s challenging and fun! Take a look here: http://mirceaoculeanuphoto.blogspot.com/2009/11/la-plimbare-cu-sapuniera-culmea-ca-e-si.html

And as Chase Jarvis put it: you can have it with you ALL the time this tiny little camera, thing you can’t do with your dslr – thousand and one lesons for that and you know it… Wanna try?

Later edit: waiting for feedback from you, I did it and had some fun, imagining that this is my only possible photographic tool! Not bad at all…

Written by Mircea Oculeanu

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