Have you ever been to school? Well, if you are reading this you most probably have…

Allthough we spend most of our teenage times in school learning, that dosen’t mean we actualy learn most of the things we should or learn in the right maner.

That happens because it is hard for one teacher to teach perfectly to 30 students at once.

But that is about to change in a way it was hard to think about a few years ago.

Founded by Salmad Khan in 2004, the KHAN ACADEMY is a totaly new way of teaching and lerning, based on video tutorials uploaded on the intenet. Although it might seem crazy, this technique actually seems to be more efficient than the traditional one.

Teachers upload video tutorials of the lessons for learning and the students can acces them from their home computer.

This way they can individualy review any part of the lesson that they don’t understand, something they can’t do in class. What this means, is that at school, the teacher dosen’t have to teach the lesson for 30 student at once, but just interacts with them, talking about things students din’t understant or just want to talk more about.

It is not just an innovative way of teaching and learning, but one that in the future may connect people through the internet for a higher motive than just socializing, that of the basic necessity of learning from each other no matter which part of the world they are, what colour or religion etc. This might be the new way of true connections between people.

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