EVENTS – PAINTING – The painting as an art should be felt and gazed at with the soul’s eye. After you have fallen in love with it, you will never abandon it.

I always find it in each color tube, in the scent of the freshly prime painted canvas, in the waiting brushes position. They wait to create a work of art which can beat time and live forever.

The technique that I use is oil on canvas. This type of painting is very old, it dates from 15th century and it represents one of the most known painting techniques, although new and revolutionary ones become more and more popular, see acrylic painting.

No matter what one chooses, all of these have advantages and disadvantages.

What is important is to pick the one that offers the greater freedom of expression. There are a few rules but they are learned in practice. I recommend to the beginners to purchase oil colors. I, for example, am using Russian or French ones. Also, one must have a canvas stretcher or cotton canvas, large pig-bristled brushes, paint dryer, paint thinner- like flax seed oil, turpentine or gas and glassy or opaque varnish.

The latter must be applied after the painting is completely dry.

The painting exhibition “VENETIAN SHADOWS” represents a concept of a cultural event which gathers visual art, music and theater all in the same place.

The mystery of the hidden faces, the masks game, the passion, the imaginary, are all themes to be found in the thirty paintings created in an unique manner.

The reception and the opening of the exhibition will take place on 23rd of November, at Villa Rodizio restaurant from Bucharest.

The guests are expected to come starting with 07.00 o’clock, in the evening.

The event is sponsored by: Corelli Chocolate, Murfatlar, Rustifina Art and Easy Mark.

We will be waiting for you in a carnival atmosphere!

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