In the more recent time, dispite a few local drawbacks, romanian arts have manage to flowrish outside our traditional borders and make our name heard and voice listend. FromCristian Mungiu’s movies and Maia Morgenstern’s acting to some less local mainstream media covered artists, like matte painter Alexandru Popescu or The Matrix series and Man of Steel art director, Vlad Bina we have some great stuff emerge.

Today we will introduce you to another romanian artist, that we hope will follow the path of those introduced earlier: Ianis Vasilatos.
Ianis is a production manager at „Teatrul Regina Maria”, from Oradea. But that is his regular day job, and what we’re really interested in is his night work, when he creates great designes for cars and bikes. Ianis came under the international attention a few months ago, when he won a competition for designing a bike inspierd by the 1900’s board track racers.By winning the contest, Ianis got the chance of seeing his idea come to reality. Based on his „Arial” initial design, „Local Motors”, the organising company from USA, created to versions of the bike: a zero emission, electric moto-cycle caled „Electric Cruiser” that can go for 20+ miles with just one recharge, and a gas version named just „Cruiser” that can go for 70 miles per tank of gas and 150/mph.
Here is a discription from the „Local Motors” presentation: Inspired by the board track racers popular in the early 1900’s, the modernization of this bicycle style breathes efficiency into its classic design. The frame and exhaust are constructed of high quality, hand-welded 4130 Chromoly. Genuine handcrafted leather accents and strap reinforcements, including a high-quality Brooks B17 saddle in Honey with Black Rails, accompanied by a classic Quad-coil springer front-end, battery powered 1200 Lumen Cree XML T6 head torch, and hand-laced wheels with vintage, smooth riding side wall tires, add an elevated sense of class to the both versions of the Cruiser, each available in a luscious color palette of Creme, Black Satin and Honey with Chrome accents. To ensure everyone enjoys a comfortable ride, the Cruiser is available in two sizes, medium and large. Medium is suitable for people shorter than 5’7″ (1m70), and the Large size is suitable for those who are taller than 5’7″ (1m70).
We really hope this project gets crowdfunded, and most of all, we hope that Ianis wil have the chance of seing more of his designs running the streets.
Thank you Ianis Vasilatos, and good luck!

Written by Eusebiu Golumbeanu

Ianis Vasilatos on Behance









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