Yacht, or you might prefer the old Dutch writing jacht. Whatever you might want to call it, it is widely acknowledged that we are talking about a high class, private and stylish boat.

When many people now days refer to yachts, they might have in mind the engine powered, big boat that offers you anything you want in matter of luxury and comfort. But that’s not what we’re here to talk about. This article is about a journey to the classic yacht, the more nostalgic, old school, supple and serious kind that is much more than just a floating living-room, the sailing yacht.

This is the first of its kind, the one used by the Dutch 17th century as a fast sailing boat to chase the pirates with. Since that period is gone, the sailing yacht found itself a new use, that of private sailing boat for sport or pleasure trips.

The various usage of the modern yacht goes from racing types to simple daily journeys or to the luxury ones, with large cabins and expensive finishing materials.

The sailing yacht is eco friendly since it is designed to use the sail in order to master the power of the wind for cruising, and since the evolution of modern crafting technologies, the performance of these boats increased significantly.

And by bringing together some of the world most talented and gifted designers, companies like Najad or Sensei, give the sailing yacht an almost irresistible and desirable appearance.

If you would have to compare it to a car, it would probably be racing supercar with a lot of personality, the kind that challenges your driving skills to the limit and punishes you every time you make a childish mistake.

This is the kind of boat destined for people that not only enjoy the bouquet of well selected wine or the sound of classical music, but also the pleasure of living life as it is and trying hard to overcome the boundaries that nature imposes.

Written by Eusebiu Golumbeanu



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