1. Don’t focus on the camera – lots of beginners tend to spend their time thinking and discussing only about their cameras & lenses. While it’s good to be in line with the latest technologies, your focus should be on composition, aestethics and the pictures

 2. Learn from others – spend some time looking at the best photographers. The internet is full of pictures. You need to filter them out by searching for top photographers in your domain of interests. Analyze the light, the composition, the presence or lack of rules and make sure you understand why those pictures look the way they do.

 3. Pay attention to history – from Daguerre to Cartier-Bresson, from Talbot to Leibovitz, the history of photography is full of extraordinary pictures and stories. Read about them, learn from it.
4. Decide what your preferences are – beginners tend to photograph anything, from flowers to events, from bugs to landscapes. Once you passed that phase, decide what you want to do. This will also help you in deciding what lenses and camera you need.

5. Photograph alone – meeting 10-20 photographers at the same time or going on a trip together is a good opportunity to socialize. But you need to work on your projects alone.

Written by Bogdan Dinca


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