“And the winners are…”

The “Dawntown Miami” competition was lounched in august of 2010 with the aim of bringing architectural design ideas for a new Seaport Terminal off the Coast of Miami on Watson Island.

Watson Island has an important history of usage. In 1932 it was considered for A World’s Fair and Pan-American Exposition, since 1949 it is the home Miami Oatboard Club and Marina. A public boat slip and a helipad are proposed there.

For 2014 it is scheduled for completion a tunel wich will connect Watson Island with Dodge Island, one of the largest cruise ship and cargo ports in the world.

The Competition jury included the following members:

– Jean Francois Lejeune, Graduate director, University of Miami School of Architecture

– Dennis Scholl, VP/ art +Miami program director at the John S and James L Knight foundation

– Charles Kropke, Owner of Chalks International Airways

– Erick Goldemberg, Principal, MONAD Studio and FIU Architecture Professor

– Javier Betancourt, Deputy Director of the Miami Downtown Development Authority

– Francisco Garcia Iglesias, Director of Planning for the City of Miami

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Written by Eusebiu Golumbeanu

And here are the winners of the contest:





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