Watches, carefully designed, precision machines that take the long battle against the almost philosophical concept, that marks everyone’s and everything’s existence – TIME.

It is a way that we found appropriate, to prove to our own self’s that we exist. This need to represent moment over space fascinated brilliant minds from the beginning and still does, to the point of absolute perfection necessity. And by the passing of years, the exact representation of time has become more than just an elaborate technological craftsmanship, it has taken the shape of an art representation.If most of us are used in seeing smooth, simple and more or less stylish designs of wristwatches that just show….time, Some others believe that the inside of the watch and it’s mechanism can be as touching and inspiring as the purpose is made for.

BM&F are showing us, by their starting and unique design the soul of the watch, and the passion and work that takes to create an “original horological masterpiece”.

The Geneva based company, founded by Maximilian Busser, assembles horological artisans and artist, in order to creat out of the ordinary masterpieces, and they seem to achieve their goal. Everything, from the shape of the overall piece or the shape of any component, to the materials that they made of is carefully chosen and crafted, in order transform checking what time it is into a pure and exciting experience.

These time showing machines are something more than just old school, classy watches. They are a pure explosion of artistic fantasy and free design, a tribute to time.

Written by Eusebiu Golumbeanu






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